Posted by: jedwardswright | August 24, 2015

Are Mentally Ill People Violent?

Recently, I have seen comments on Facebook and elsewhere claiming that individuals responsible for mass murders or other horrible crimes must be mentally ill, so this post seems to me to be quite relevant again.

A Darker Shade of Blue

Whenever a particularly horrendous crime occurs, you inevitably hear some variation on the comment, “A person would have to be sick in the head to do such a thing!”

There are two reasons to be concerned about this thinking.

  1. People become afraid of people with mental health conditions.
  2. People with mental health conditions and their families may become afraid that they have the potential to become violent.

Are people with mental health conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia prone to be violent? Should the general public, family members and even people who have these conditions be afraid that someone who is mentally ill may suddenly snap and go on a rampage?

The Article

Yesterday I read an opinion column in the Toronto Globe and Mail in which author Bill Wilkerson addresses these issues in the context of the Arizona shooting tragedy. Wilkerson has more than a bit of…

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