Posted by: jedwardswright | May 13, 2011

The “I Don’t Feel Like It” Blues


  1. Interesting blog. Of course women have loins. Or lions. One or the other, if not both.
    Anway – I’m no Sylvia Plath, but I find I write best/most when majorly depressed. My creativity drops off the map when I’m not depressed.

  2. Actually, I did look it up, and of course, you are correct: women do have loins, but I thought it was a funny question anyway. Somehow “girding one’s loins” sounds awfully masculine to me.
    As for creativity, for me it depends on what I am trying to do. Poetry comes easily when I am depressed. Blogs or essays not so much. I think that the necessity of expressing myself in a more structured format which requires assembling research and/or expressing an argument is tough when my mind is more chemically unbalanced.

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