Posted by: jedwardswright | October 15, 2010

We Are Survivors

We were victims, but now we are survivors.

We may feel that we are weak, but we are strong, strong enough to survive the worst and keep on going, and strong enough to strive for health and hope.

The evil that has been done to us is not, never was and never will be our fault. We are not responsible for the harm that was done to us in the past, but we choose to take control of our future.

We will not allow our abusers to have the last say in our lives. We will not let them have the satisfaction of taking our self-esteem, our caring hearts, or the progress that we have made in healing our hurts. We will not let them prevent the good that God intends, in due time, to bring out of our suffering.

We will stand tall, for we have no reason to be ashamed.

We will move forward, for that is where a new future is to be found.

We will extend our hands to those who understand our sorrow, those who have come before, and those that come after, because that is how we will all find peace in our souls.

We are survivors.


  1. Thanks. I really needed that.

    • Sometimes we forget how strong we really are to have come so far with so many obstacles in front of us!

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